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    Car Paint Protection

    Are you looking for car paint protection in Belmont? This has been a very disputative subject over the years. You can read reviews in various forums about car paint protection or Car Polishing Belmont and for everyone that thinks it’s incredible although some will disagree. According to us they are all right, as it is compulsory for some and optional for others. So what is right for you?

    To determine you should first look at yourself. Maybe you are a bit baffled when it comes to car paint protection. We are saying this as paint protection is providing you long term coating over the areas like fabric, leather, wheels, glass and paint but it is not the only way to protect. The other options come with a much shorter protection span, implying that you have to look after these surfaces much more frequently than you would if you had long-term protection over them.

    No matter it is a new or used vehicle, all the surfaces require some type of protection if you want them to last. A used car will require more work to restore to a good condition.

    Just like Car Full Detailing Belmont, there are various levels of car paint protection in Perth. We will work with you to decide which is ideal for you. Even if you are DIY and not utilizing Joeys Car Detailing, our advice is unbiased and free.

    Our regular car detailing plans will provide you year round protection. But if you implement a long-term protection, this can lessen the cost of your plan, as we will design a customized plan that suits your precious investment. With the passage of time, protective coatings have developed substantially to offer your vehicle the protection that was not available just a few years ago.

    Joeys Car Detailing has consistently evolved with these long-term protections. From the older silicon and PTFE coatings to the more recent ceramic and Nano technology coatings, things have evolved. The latest are the hard ceramic coatings that provide something we can consider “special”. Obviously there are still the top quality traditional waxes like Swissvax that will never age and will always provide an excellent protective coating with an amazing gloss.

    Here at Joeys Car Detailing, we provide you the choice of what we have chosen the best. We have selected this based on quality durability and the cost. Though cost was the final effect on our choice, every option is much inexpensive than any branded coatings.

    Why do I require Paint protection?

    A car ages much faster when exposed to the external elements. Bug splatter, tree sap, oxidation, UV radiation, and bird droppings can quickly and permanently damage the paint. Bird droppings are extremely acidic and within 3 days, they may leave a mark that won’t go easily when washed.

    Your car might have been polished by the dealer before delivery. Nonetheless, with the passage of time, and with weekly or monthly washings, the polish is gradually gone. Hence, after 3-6 months, the car is vulnerable. It is at this point when damage and permanent fading starts happening and you need our car paint protection service.

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